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How Much Energy Can I Save With Triple Pane Windows?

Triple pane windows are energy-efficient windows that can regulate a home’s internal temperature by minimizing heat loss. If staying warm is your top priority, these windows have an extra glass chamber that helps to keep your home warm, especially during winter. At Thermalux Windows & Doors Inc., we will provide you with fully customized solutions to enhance energy efficiency. Here is how much energy you can save by installing triple pane windows: 

Energy Efficiency With Triple Glass Window Panes

Windows take up a small percentage of the surface area of the entire home, but they can waste the most energy, especially during winter. To solve this problem, homeowners can adopt triple sheet windows to conserve energy, lower home energy bills, and reduce noise. 

Unlike traditional double-pane windows, triple glass window panes have a thin third pane that creates two air spaces. They also reflect radiant heat using the two low-emissivity coatings. 

Triple glass window panes can be effective in improving the performance of heat pumps. Your home will have better heat retention during morning hours when the heat pump performance is usually lower because of cold ambient air. The windows will reduce electric resistance backup, heat pump sizing, and peak loads. 

Windows can waste plenty of energy since they may leak air. The energy lost through windows makes them a huge contributor to home heating and cooling costs. Invest in our energy-efficient triple pane glass windows that exceed the requirements of building codes. Our windows offer exceptional security ratings and acoustic reduction with effortless operability for maximum comfort. 

More on Energy Efficiency

The more space between the exterior of your property and your window, the greater the insulation capacity will be. Because triple glass pane windows come with two separate chambers that separate the panes of glass, they deliver a higher insulation capacity, improving your home’s energy efficiency. The use of argon gas in between the space slows heat transfer, increasing energy efficiency further. Your home or property will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The gas also helps to prevent humidity, condensation, and moisture buildup between the glass panes.

Triple window panes made of vinyl or fiberglass frame are durable and can last many years. If you want to enhance the value of your property or you live in a cold climate, triple-glass window panes are worth the cost. 

We bring European creativity and quality of constructing building materials to our North American communities. From large-scale commercial and small-scale economy to premium residential retrofits, we have the right product for you. We are your one-stop shop for triple sheet windows.

Shop for Triple Pane Windows From Thermalux Windows & Doors Inc.

Thermalux Windows & Doors Inc. is committed to providing clients with the most environmentally responsible and efficient triple pane windows. We aim to help increase the longevity of buildings and combat global warming. Our product offers immediate benefits, including higher efficiency, higher durability, and lower energy bills. Our goal is to push construction standards to a greater level by delivering high-quality products.

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