Thermalux was founded in 2018 to bring European ingenuity and quality of building materials to our North American communities. We pride ourselves on being one of the only suppliers committed to providing environmentally responsible products that help combat CO2 and other GHG emissions and their related consequences. Our end goal is to not only increase the efficiency and durability of your projects but to play our part in creating a better planet for future generations.





We are committed to improving the environment in our community by fostering partnerships with businesses, community leaders, and our neighbors in order to reduce human emissions and help create sustainable infrastructure.



Buildings are directly responsible for more than a ⅓ of all energy used in Canada, and with prices moving up it’s time to start looking out for yourself! Since building codes move slowly and lack consideration of environmental performance, it’s wise to look for products that exceed the bare minimum requirements! That’s where Thermalux comes in to help!



Advancements in European ingenuity and design have allowed us to combine the durability and quality of their products, with North American-tailored installation methods! We have combined the unique European inserts, glazing, and gas combinations to provide North Americans with high-quality products that are suited to the way we build here! Through these combinations, we have been able to develop a product that is up to 12x more durable and 6x more efficient than our competitors. Thermalux is proud to be the only supplier in Western Canada that offers a product that EXCEEDS the changing demand and landscape of Alberta infrastructure. We are leaders in providing the market with energy-efficient solutions for their buildings.




Our products provide you or your organization with several immediate benefits, here are just a few:
– Higher Efficiency,
– Higher Durability,
– Less Maintenance,
– Lower Energy Bills
– Better Soundproofing,
– Beautiful Aesthetics,
– Largest Dimensions,
– Fully Customized to your Needs